Our Favourites

On this page we hope to not only inspire you but to point you in the direction of some of our favourite chalets as well as resorts and other exciting trends. With 21 years experience in the luxury ski holiday market we understand your needs as well as what it takes to make your holiday a success. We hope our favourites section helps to make your choice that much easier.

  • Luxury ski in ski out chalets

    Ski in and ski out luxury chalets

    Booking one of our luxury ski in ski out chalets is a top priority for discerning clients looking for maximum ski convenience. We perfectly understand that if you are paying a premium for your ski holiday that you would also expect the perfect location for your chalet - with the ski slopes preferably being right on your door step. There is nothing quite like enjoying a leisurely chalet breakfast knowing that there is no rush to get to the lifts or to the ski school meeting point because the lifts and the ski school meet point are just a couple of minute's ski away from your chalet's back door. Those that book one of the luxury ski in ski out chalets featured on this site do not have to trudge to the lifts carrying all their equipment, nor that of their spouse or children! Neither do they have to wait in a cold bus queue waiting for a resort shuttle service that is invariably over crowded. These happy clients only need to finish their cappucino, step outside and snap into their ski bindings before enjoying a refreshing quick ski down to the main lifts. How relaxed they must feel compared to the rest of the guests in the resort who are already tired and slightly frustrated before the ski day has even begun!


    This website features many luxury ski in ski out chalets so that you can find the perfect property with ease. Gone are the days of trudging to the bus stop, waiting and carrying of equipment. So for those of you who want to ski from your chalet door and back to it at the end of the day please click on the link below. You will find nearly 100 genuine luxury chalets that offer ski in and ski out convenience. At the bottom of the page are some of our favourites.  

    Click here to view all our luxury ski in ski out chalets

    Although for some the convenience of a ski in ski out location is everything (and who can blame them) it's worth pointing out that nearly all the chalets we feature on this website also offer a private driver service. Whereas stepping out of your chalet and clipping into your skis is a fine thing there really is no hardship in jumping into your chauffeur driven 4x4 either. So, in many cases taking a private vehicle is a actually quicker and easier way to access the main lifts in the morning rather than skiing to them. The chalets that come with driver service are usually those that are situated on the edge of the resort (hence the need for a driver). However, the edge of resort location is often the one that gives you the best mountain or resort views and certainly will mean that you are in a quiet location, guaranteeing a peaceful night's sleep.

    Which ski resorts have the most luxury ski in ski out chalets?

    The two resorts that offer the biggest selection of chalets which offer easy access to the slopes are Courchevel and Val d'Isere, both found in the Tarentaise Valley of the French Alps. Both the resorts offer approximately 30-40 luxury chalets where guests can virtually stumble out of their chalet on to the slopes. To view all the luxury ski in ski out chalets in Courchevel click here. For those luxury ski in ski out chalets in Val d'Isere use this link. However, the easiest thing to do is to either call us (T: +44 (20) 7801 1089) or drop us a quick email with your requirements. There are so many fantastic chalets out there to book so why not make sure that you get one with easy access to the pistes?

  • Luxury chalets with swimming pool

    Luxury chalets with swimming pool

    More and more luxury ski chalets actually have their own swimming pool. Just 10 years ago the defining qualities of a luxury chalet was to have a hot tub and all en-suite bedrooms. In today's luxury ski chalet market that no longer cuts the mustard. Only a full luxury spa complete with private swimming pool will do if you truly want to call your ski chalet luxurious.

    We feature many luxury chalets with swimming pool as well as with incredible spa facilities. In addition these luxurious properties come with private massage rooms where sessions can be arranged with expert practioners in physiotherapy and massage.  With all these amazing facilities you will be in peak shape to hit the slopes every day.

    The best luxury chalet swimming pool in the world

    One of the best chalet swimming pools we have seen is in Chalet L'Hotse, Val d'Isere. Here the pool is illuminated by coloured lights that can be programmed to your individual needs and desires - it's pretty sumptuous. However, for sheer audacity the one at Chalet Toit du Monde, also in Val d'Isere (what is it with this resort and luxury chalets with swimming pools?) takes the main prize. At the press of a button the middle section of the floor you are standing in will lower to form the shallow end of a pool that then automatically fills with heated water. It may not be the biggest swimming pool we have seen but it certainly is quite the show stopper.

    Below is our selection of the finest luxury chalets with swimming pool. However, if you want to see more options please do browse our site further by clicking on the link below to see all our luxury chalets with pools, or simply give our friendly team a call. We would be happy to assist you in finding the ideal luxury ski chalet (with or without swimming pool) for your needs.


    Use this link to see all the luxury chalets with swimming pool that we offer

  • Affordable Luxury Chalets

    Affordable luxury ski chalets

    What do we mean by an affordable luxury chalet? Well, we think the chalets featured below represent excellent value for money when it comes to finding an affordable luxury ski chalet. For very a very reasonable price you can expect a lovely warm, cosy chalet with large sitting room; excellent and attentive staff; great food and wine, and more than likely a lovely outdoor hot tub too! The chalets below represent a great combination of luxury without having to break the bank. Who says that you can't have your cake and eat it?

  • Luxury Chalets with Gourmet Food

    Luxury chalets with delicious food and wine

    We look at those luxury chalets with gourmet food and drink as it's not always easy to tell from the brochures and web pages which are the ones to go for if you are a true gourmand or 'foodie'. It’s pretty easy to see the quality of your catered chalet from the photos and the details we have on display. You can see the quality of the furnishings and it’s more than likely you can see the size, its position in resort, bedroom descriptions, and whether or not it has a hot tub, sauna or steam room etc. However, how can you tell what the quality of chalet food and drink will be like? So you don’t have to guess we have selected those chalets that we feel will be serving chalet fare of the highest order this season - ski chalets serving delicious food and drink. If you are a real 'bon viveur' and value delicious, professionally prepared chalet cuisine then please rely on our experience and expertise to find you the ideal chalet.



    Nearly all the luxury chalets that we offer in this collection have a proper trained and experienced chef in the kitchen. These highly skilled members of staff are not usually selected for their front of house repartee and charm but that doesn't matter as your charming hostess or chalet manager will be the person you deal with on a day to day basis. The chalet chef's sole role is to produce delicious chalet food. So, in much the same manner as in a Michelin starred restaurant, the histrionics and bad language that goes on in the kitchen are neither seen, nor heard. As many of the chalet chefs for the properties shown on this site are indeed from Michelin starred establishments it's just as well that they remain tucked away in their kitchens.

    Use this link to see all the luxury chalets with gourmet food

    If you would like to discuss any aspect of chalet catering or indeed the chalets themselves then please do not hesitate to contact us T: +44 (20) 7801 1089. 


  • Luxury Chalets with the 'X Factor'

    Luxury chalets with the X Factor

    The luxury chalets in this category are amazing in every way. They have the total 'X Factor'. They are bling, they are hip, they are cool, they have pools, spas, cinema rooms, gyms and private chauffeurs. In fact there is not a lot they don’t have. These luxury chalets with the X Factor are also, needless to say, very expensive indeed. So unless you are a premiership footballer, Russian oligarch, member of the royal family, head of state, film star or someone with similar means then these are probably not the properties for you. However, if you fit the above criteria or merely if you wish to drool please check out the luxury chalets with X Factor below.

    If you have any questions regards these chalets or any others on our website please do not hesitate to call us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

  • Luxury Family Chalets

    Luxury Family Chalets

    We look at which luxury family chalets you need to look at for a successful family ski hoiliday. So long as it's done properly it is very hard to beat a family ski holiday in the Alps. Seeing your children improve year after year as they progress from ski kindergarten to the nursery slopes, and then on to the mountain gives any parent enormous joy. As we have young children of our own we know only too well that it is vital to choose the right resort, the right ski school and the right luxury family chalet to make your family ski holiday a real success. The following properties tick all the boxes for a successful holiday in the mountains.

  • Luxury Chalets for Sharing

    Luxury chalets for sharing with other guests

    When you look at the quality end of the catered chalet market it’s not often that you can simply book into a property on a room by room basis and share with other guests that have made their own bookings. The norm is that one has to commit to booking the whole property. THis is obviously fine so long as you have a ready-made party large enough to fill the chalet of your choice. However, what if you are travelling as a smaller group of perhaps just two or four people and wish to share with other guests? In our chalet search section you can select chalets that you wish to 'share' with other guests but we have also selected a few of our favourite 'split sell' luxury chalets that can be booked on a room by room basis below.

    If you are travelling this winter as a smaller party and would rather book into a luxury chalet to share with other guests rather than into a hotel then please do give us a call. We are here to help you select the chalets that would suit your needs.

  • Luxury Chalets for a Ski Weekend

    Luxury chalets for a weekend

    Everyone loves a luxury chalet for a ski weekend. The quick fix of exercise, mountain scenery and clear air, plus a little après ski thrown in for good measure and after just 3 or 4 days you can come back home feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. It's hard to beat a ski weekend so why not make plans to jet off for a sneaky ski weekend this season?

    We know that if you look for a luxury chalet that you can book just for the weekend you might find it hard to find one. This is because not many luxury chalets will allow a short stay booking of just 3 or 4 nights as they wish to sell their seasons without gaps on a weekend to weekend 7 night only basis. Luckily though we know which chalet owners to approach when it comes to booking a luxury chalet for a weekend stay.

    Please note, however, the luxury chalets in our portfolio which do offer weekend bookings usually only do so during the very low season periods of mid December, mid January, mid March and end April.

  • Hidden away luxury chalets

    Luxury chalets perfect for a retreat

    Which hidden away luxury chalets are perfect for a ski retreat? For many it's all about seeing and being seen. These clients head for resorts such as Val d’Isere, Courchevel, Verbier and Zermatt where the party scene on the sun decks is all important. However, for others the best ski holiday is one that gives them the feeling of truly being hidden away from it all. If you're one of the latter and you are looking for a luxury chalet that is also a secret hideaway then we can most definitely help. We know the hidden away luxury chalets that offer the perfect mountain retreat, far away from prying eyes and wagging tongues. So if you are looking for a luxury chalet that promises peace and tranquillity but still offers luxury and convenience then please take a look at some of the gorgeous properties below.


    Hidden away luxury chalets in Austria

    There are lots of small, tucked out of the way ski resorts in Austria with lots of charm and atmosphere. However, outside of St Anton very few of these resorts offer catered chalet accommodation. Maria Alm is one exception and a fantastic hidden away luxury chalet - Chalet Panorama. This is situated just a short drive away from the resort centre and the main lift station. The ski area, very much suited to intermediate skiers, is actually quite large for a little known resort and links several villages together in a ski domain that stretches some 14km from one end to the other.


    Hidden away luxury chalets in Switzerland

    We already feature the Chalet Charr in St Luc below. This is in the delightful Val d'Anniviers valley which delivers alpine charm and tradition by the bucket load. However, there are lots of amazing chalets in Switzerland that are real hidden treasures. The Tiger's Nest Lodge in Les Collons has been finished to very high standards and makes maximum use of the sparkling alpine sunshine - the chalet is beautifully decorated in contemporary pastel and pale colours that compliment the surroundings. Chalet Etesian in Gstaad is another beautifully finished luxury alpine home, more classically presented but none the less desirable for that. Chalet L'Arole in Villars effortlessly combines classic old-style chalet decor with modern bathrooms and luxuries. With a great outdoor swimming pool, cedar hot tub, hammam and driver service there is not much that this chalet does not deliver on.


    Hidden away luxury chalets in Italy

    Chalet Lo Miete is one chalet that makes up the spectacular mountain hamlet known as, The Hotellerie Mascognaz. This ancient hamlet situated in the mountains above Champoluc (in the Monte Rosa area) is only reachable in the winter by skidoo or half track and really does offer total seclusion from the outside world. Chalet Lo Miete is a 7 bedroom chalet but there are 4 or 5 other smaller chalets - all chalets share the same restaurant chalet and also the wonderful 'spa' chalet that has a pool and also sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. All the chalets are managed by the excellent Hotel Breithorn - food and service are assured.

    For more information on these and other hidden away luxury ski chalets we feature please get in touch with our chalet team on +44 (20) 7801 1080 or make an on line enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Corporate Ski Trips

    Corporate Ski Trips and Groups

    Some say that the heyday of corporate ski trips has been and gone. However, we are finding in today’s economy that our corporate clients are coming back to the ski trip as a way to reward not necessarily their clients (as that might be taken the wrong way) but their own people. What better way is there to bond staff other than to give them a shared experience. And there is nothing like a ski trip to achieve this goal. As we offer a totally bespoke service we can build any variation on the idea of corporate ski trips. Whether you are 6 people or 60 (or even 600) we can build your corporate ski trip exactly how you like it. On time, on budget (what ever that may be) and suiting your business and its ethics. Let us help you tailor make the perfect package to impress your valued work colleagues.

    Your dedicated ‘Corporate Ski Event’ consultant will handle every element of the ski trip and offer you impartial ski industry knowledge to make the impossible, possible.If you would like to have one of our staff in resort to organise ski passes and ski lessons that is also no problem. Just let us know the exact requirements you have for your corporate ski trip - we will make your life easy by suggesting the right ski resort and the right accommodation and then make all the necessary arrangements for you.

    Corporate ski trips and weekends need not be complicated; we know which hotels have the best conference and meeting room facilities, perfect for impressing the big boss. Our portfolio of stunning luxury ski chalets allow you to create your own team vision in the privacy of your own alpine home. Many of the chalets we feature boast state of the art technology and a 24 hour concierge service.  However, if you would rather stay in a hotel with greater space, bars, restaurants and fantastic spa facilities then we can offer plenty of choice.

    If you are looking to make corporate ski trips in the future please do give one of our team a call. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and relish the challenge of putting together a tailormade trip for your business. Tel: +44 (0)20 7801 1089.


  • Charming Luxury Alpine Hotels

    Charming Luxury ski hotels of the Alps

    These charming luxury alpine hotels boast discreet service, intimacy and a traditional atmosphere to take you back to the origins of skiing. Luxury does not always have to be about sleek modern styling and gleaming chrome and glass. Sometimes it is more reassuring and a lot more romantic to escape it all and head to a hotel that has traditional styling and history at its heart.

    These charming luxury alpine hotels are perfect for a relaxed and romantic break or a family ski trip with relatives who may not wish to spend all day piste bashing.

    We think that the fantastic thing about traditional properties is that they tend to be family run. They are passed down with love and attention from one generation to the next, so you can expect to be seriously well looked after, and by the time you leave you will be feeling part of the family. 

    When clients ask us for our best recommendations for a traditional ski holiday the Swiss resorts of St Moritz, Zermatt and Klosters are never far from our thoughts. However, there are some great traditional alpine hotels with charm in the Italian resorts of San Cassiano and Cortina (which also benefit from the stunning scenery of the Dolomites) and also in the Austrian resorts of the Arlberg region (Lech, Zurs and St Christoph) as well as Kitzbuhel. When looking at the French Alps you need look no further than Megeve and Chamonix for a ski hotel with charm. Modern design hotels appeal to some and undoubtedly their spa facilities are to be seen to be believed (there is the Chedi in Andermatt and the W Hotel in Verbier for example) but we feel that the traditional values and romantic atmosphere of an old boutique alpine hotel simply cannot be beaten. There is something so timeless about a classic charming hotel that will always outshine the new upstarts.

    Check out all our charming luxury alpine hotels by using this link



  • Luxury Powder Skiing Holidays

    Luxury Powder Skiing Holidays in the Alps

    We can help you locate the perfect powder skiing holiday in a luxury chalet or hotel in a resort that offers off-piste heaven. For some there is nothing like skiing in powder snow, taking off into uncharted back-country terrain to escape and explore. If this is you then we can very much help as this is what we like doing too. 

    However, what if some in your party prefer to stay on piste and cruise the miles instead? Verbier, Klosters, Ste Foy Tarentaise, St Moritz, Val d'Isere and St Anton are all prime examples of ski areas where you can experience the best of both worlds. The pistes are varied and challenging but also these resorts have excellent, high quality off-piste terrain. While you hit the powder the other members in your party can sample the local gastronomic delights or shop up a storm. After a hard day in the knee-deep powder, returning to soak in the hot tub or luxuriate in the chalet swimming pool will be much deserved! 


  • The finest luxury ski chalets

    The finest luxury ski chalets

    If you are looking to book for one of the finest luxury ski chalets in the world for a week's holiday then it's not hard to conduct a Google search and find literally hundreds of web sites that all appear to offer what you need. However, who do you trust? Which site has literally THE finest luxury ski chalets? It's difficult to tell without trawling through each site in turn and even if you do find a selection of properties on different web sites how do you easily compare one to the other? It's not easy. Alpine Luxury Chalets is certainly one of the best web sites out there which is specifically aimed at the luxury ski holiday market. We have been booking wealthy guests from around the world into the finest luxury ski chalets for over two decades now. We have collected together under one site what we believe are the World's best ski chalets. So if you want to easily compare one to the other then this site and our free booking service is an excellent place to start.



    Why is this luxury chalet search website better than the others?

    The Alpine Luxury Chalets website makes light work of finding the finest luxury ski chalet that would perfectly match your needs.

    1. Each chalet has a photo gallery showing lovely large, mouth watering images.

    2. Unlike other luxury chalet search sites we work very hard in keeping on top of the ever changing availability of the properties. This means that you can browse the site knowing that the chalets you are looking at for a particular departure date are available to book.

    3. We uniquely show large Google map images showing exactly where each chalet is located. Now you can see exactly where your chalet is in relation to the resort centre and the location of the ski lifts. Our clients find this last feature especially valuable.

    4. We have an expert team in the office ready to help you with any questions you may have. We are here to help you choose the luxury ski chalet that would be best for your party based on any needs that you may wish to tell us about.


    Show me all the finest luxury ski chalets

    Why not make your life a lot easier by dropping us an email with your exact requirements? We would be delighted to conduct a full market search on your behalf and select the finest luxury chalets for you.

  • Luxury Verbier Chalets

    The best luxury chalets in Verbier

    The luxury Verbier chalets are amongst the most luxurious chalets in the world. Verbier has always been one of those fashionable ski resorts where the rich and famous from around the globe gather to admire the scenery, ski, eat well and above all ... party. Fantastic restaurants, a huge ski area which offers plenty for every standard of skier, and nightclubs such as The Farm have ensured that Verbier has a strong following amongst those that like 'to see' and 'be seen' in style.  This picturesque resort in the Valais Canton of Switzerland has always had a fantastic array of luxury Verbier chalets but the last two decades has seen a huge rise in the number of superbly luxurious chalet properties being built.

    The main source of property investor appears to be wealthy bankers from around the world. However, it's fair to say that the new breed of luxury Verbier chalets owner in this sparkling resort come from all walks of life. Richard Branson built The Lodge (sleeps 18 - 24) and that set the tone. Chalet No.14, another all British affair, oozes class and modern style (rather in the mode of the Candy Brothers) and Chalet L Raphael appeals more to the Eastern European market with its private nightclub and onyx clad swimming pool. However, the Trois Couronnes raises the bar yet further and simply must be one of the finest chalets in the entire Alps.

    Alpine Luxury Chalets has collected together a fantastic collection of the best luxury Verbier chalets in this website. So please take the time to browse through the many mouth watering properties that we feature here. Alternatively simply drop us an email or telephone with your requirements. We would be delighted to put together a special selection of the finest luxury Verbier chalets just for you.

    Show me all luxury Verbier chalets

  • Luxury Zermatt chalets

    Luxury Zermatt chalets

    With over 40 luxury Zermatt chalets it's not hard to understand why this uber fashionable Swiss resort is highly popular with the British and international markets. Dominated by the magnificent Matterhorn, it combines great skiing with an attractive, lively village and stunning scenery. Free of cars, the resort has an excellent reputation for apres ski with a variety of charming bars, restaurants and night spots. Skiers return year after year to enjoy the wonderful scenery and excellent skiing which covers three major ski areas including the spectacular run down to Cervinia over the Italian border.

    The local architect and interior designer, Heinz Julen, has created a Zermatt luxury chalet style 'look' that has been widely adopted by other luxury chalet developers in this fashionable resort. The Julen look is a combines the modern materials of steel and glass with quirky individually created light fittings, hanging fireplaces and bespoke furniture. The pure mountain light is maximised and many of the luxury Zermatt chalets feature huge picture windows that all the majestic scenery to be admired more easily.


    As you might expect the luxury Zermatt chalets feature wonderful Wellness and spa facilities. Guests in these fine properties are really well cared for and pampered. A holiday in Zermatt staying in one of these amazing properties is all about 'well being'. An energetic day on the mountain complemented with relaxing in the luxury chalet spa and then sitting down to delicious dinners and fine wines. We have a great collection of luxury chalets in Zermatt but here below we just show five of them. Please do call us so that we can show you many more like them. Or, alternatively, browse the site and send us an email enquiry. 

    Show me all luxury Zermatt chalets

  • Luxury Chalets in Meribel

    Luxury chalets in Meribel France

    There have been luxury chalets in Meribel ever since it gained popularity in the 1950's. Initially these beautiful properties were built on the aptly named Route des Chalets which is a pretty back road leading up the resort from behind the main square up to Meribel 1600. During the 60's and 70's the Route des Chalets was developed with beautiful stand alone luxury chalets, most of which have fantastic views across the valley and are situated just a short walk from the edge of the home piste. Some of these first privately owned luxury chalets in Meribel have been unmodified since they were built but others have been lovingly refurbished and modernised - these are today the most prized properties in the resort.

    During the 1980's the new wave of luxury chalets in Meribel were either constructed in the Belvedere area above the resort (very handy for accessing the pistes) or in the Mussillon area which is a large residential area situated at the entrance to the resort. Today the international ski resort of Meribel has grown far beyond being the small, pretty ski village that it once was. However, despite growing into a mega resort it retains much of its charm and character as a chalet resort. Englishman, Peter Lindsay, came across Meribel in 1938 and later returned in 1946 with architect Christian Durupt. Since then strict guidelines have been laid down for Meribel to retain all its Savoyarde style - as a result, all the principal buildings and luxury chalets in Meribel have been built with the traditional local stone, slate and wood.

    We have a great selection of luxury chalets in Meribel and a few of them we show below. If you want a luxury chalet with a swimming pool then you have to look at Courchevel. However, if you are just looking for an outstanding luxury alpine home (perhaps with a hot tub) with access to the centre of the Trois Vallees ski area then Meribel has some stunning chalets to choose from.

    Show me all luxury chalets in Meribel

    This is a comment from one of our clients who stayed in the luxury Chalet Sorbier in Meribel

    "The chalet was in a great location, virtually ski in/out, most unusual for Meribel. Access to slopes was along a snow-covered path, as was access to/from the minibus and town, which made for an interesting 'drag' of our bags from the bus to the chalet [they could invest in some basic sledges to assist here...]. Beautiful views over town, the slopes and up the valley from the chalet, large terrace and hot-tub. Rooms were very nicely presented and spacious, especially upstairs. Downstairs bedrooms slightly more cramped, especially if the chalet was full (10 people). Ditto the living and eating areas. Food was SPECTACULAR - hosts were chefs out of season, and it showed.

    "The search facility on the Alpine Luxury Chalets' site is the best of all the ski holiday websites. Sarah Revell was amazingly responsive, almost instantaneous, and always helpful and dealt with my queries precisely and efficiently. And very patient with my procrastinating! Could have booked direct with the operator but opted to do it through you so that you could get the commission. You are is always my first port of call in my search for a chalet each year."

    When we get comments like that we know we are on the right track. We very much hope that we can be of the same service to you.

  • Luxury Chalets in Val d'Isere

    Luxury chalets in Val d'Isere

    The development of luxury chalets in Val d'Isere goes hand in hand with the British love affair with this fantastic Espace Killy. This websites showcases approximately 65 luxury Val d'Isere chalets but we have another 100+ more cheaply priced chalets in Val d'Isere to choose from on our Alpine Answers' website.

    Ever since Val d'Isere started to grow as an international resort in the 1970's the chalet builders, developers and owners have been busy in this fantastic resort. Over the last 10 years or so all of the key resorts of Europe (Val d'Isere, Courchevel, Meribel, Verbier and Zermatt) have all seen a huge expansion in the development of luxury chalets. Ten years ago hot tubs began to appear on the chalet builders' shopping list. However, more recently the idea of 'luxury' has taken on a whole new meaning. Today luxury chalets in Val d'Isere feature swimming pools (indoor and outdoor); complete wellness spas with hammam, sauna and massage suites; huge entertaining spaces and the liberal use of the finest fabrics and materials from around the World.


    Show me all luxury chalets in Val d'Isere

    There are several geographical pockets that are now being populated with luxury chalets in Val d'Isere. Down in La Daille at the entrance to the resort there are several luxury chalets some of which are also ski-in ski-out (Toit du Monde, Himalaya and Angelique). The Les Carats area that is either approached by road from behind the Barmes de L'Ours Hotel or from the Face piste on skis has arguably the best views in the resort - overlooking the old centre of Val d'Isere and stretching South towards Le Fornet (Eagle's Nest, Montana and Nepenthe). Passing through the road tunnel and on up to the Legettaz area you will find the biggest concentration of properties. Luxury ski in ski out chalets in Val d'Isere are always the most popular. Luxury ski holiday brands such as Scott Dunn, Chardon Lodges, Consensio and YSE all have great luxury properties to choose from.

    With building space becoming limited a few luxury chalets have been built on, or very near, to the high street of Val d'Isere. These super luxury chalets replace former old buildings that have been knocked down to make way for the new. These luxury chalets in Val d'Isere are perfect for those that are going to make the most of the vibrant apres ski scene and nightlife as they are centrally located and no more than a few minutes' walk from most of the hot spots of town (Marco Polo, L'Hotse, Black Pearl and White Pearl)

    Here is a comment from one of our clients who booked into the Chalet des Pentes in Val d'Isere

    "The food in the chalet was outstanding and the chalet girl was delightful. My sales person at Alpine Luxury Chalets was Anna Sampson. Although I had picked out a chalet from your website, Anna persuaded me to consider other options and specifically recommended this one - for which I am extremely grateful!"

    It's always gratifying when we get reports back from our clients like this. We hope to be able to help you in the same manner!


  • Luxury Catered Ski Chalets

    Luxury Catered Ski Chalets

    Luxury Catered Ski Chalet - Delicious Chalet Food

    First things first, the success of your stay in one of the many luxury catered ski chalets on the market will come down to the delicious chalet food and drink that you will be served. Luxury ski chalet chefs know how to cook. The majority of chefs with top operators have experience in both fine dining and private catering and use their experience to create extraordinary meals for your enjoyment.  Their CV’s make for impressive reading; experience includes working in top London restaurants, chef-ing on luxury super yachts and even, in one case, a stint on Necker Island.  Staying in a luxury catered ski chalet means you will be surrounded by opulence and the food is no exception, your chef will cook you a bespoke menu using local ingredients that rival any food in resort.  Meals can be as extravagant as filet of beef cooked sous vide at 58.2 C, served with parsnip puree, truffled potato fondant and confit shallots or they can be a simple mountain favourites like meat fondue or raclette.  No matter what, you know each meal will be prepared with the greatest care and with the finest ingredients. 

    While a stay in one of the Alps luxury catered ski chalets will guarantee you a week of the finest dining you can hope to encounter, special occasions seem to bring out the best in mountain chefs.  Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve, birthdays and anniversaries are all great reasons to drink and be merry and when you are staying in a luxury chalet this is even truer.  Chef’s can recreate special meals for anniversaries, cook up huge buffets for New Year’s galas or Christmas dinners, make you very favourite dessert on your birthday and your host will make sure everything is washed down with a glass of champagne. 

    Show me all 350+ luxury catered ski chalets


    Luxury Catered Ski Chalet - Delicious Chalet Wine

    Speaking of drink, wine is no exception to the rule of excellence applied across the board in luxury catered ski chalets.  Wine lists include excellent local wines as well as those from more traditional regions, specially selected with the help of sommeliers and paired with your food.  For luxury operator, Consensio, hosts and chefs work together to pair the wine selection with your food; whether it be selecting Malbec to accompany a beef entrecote, Sancerre to dovetail with scallops or the perfect sweet wine to enjoy with dessert. 

    But, where’s the fizz you ask?  Well, champagne is never found wanting in luxury catered ski chalets.  In Chalet La Rocher, in Val d’Isere, guests are treated to no less than four different Laurent Perrier champagnes; a brut, vintage brut, ultra-brut and a pink rose.  The champagne is waiting for you on arrival and does not stop flowing until you leave!


    Luxury Catered Ski Chalet  - the Service

    Alongside the food, service in luxury catered ski chalets is top class.  Before your arrival in resort you will already have talked with your chef to plan meals and a concierge to arrange all your transfer details and any special requests you might have.  Upon arrival you are greeted by smiling staff that will whisk away your bags and help you relax with food, tea and, of course, a champagne reception.  Your first morning, often the most difficult of the week, is made stress-free thanks to the staff.  You can take your tea with milk and one sugar in the comfort of your bed before choosing anything you like for breakfast and then taking your private car direct to the lifts.  In the afternoon you can call the driver to meet you at the bottom of the slopes, or your favourite après bar, and you will return to the chalet to be served a luxurious take on afternoon tea, complete with sweet and savoury delights.  The chalet hosts will make sure everything is organised and ready before you return and then wait on you, hand and foot. 

    Service, like the food, is impeccable when you stay in a luxury catered ski chalet.  Champagne can be served for breakfast to mark special occasions (or, just because), staff can dress up and perform skits for themed dinner parties and afternoon tea can be taken on the side of the mountain with a champagne reception.  Nothing is too much trouble when you book luxury. In Val d’Isere a driver for luxury operator Scott Dunn once drove to Bourg-St-Maurice and back to fetch sombreros for that night’s Mexican themed evening and the head chef in the Arlberg Lodges in St Anton created a 9 course Heston Blumenthal inspired ‘Fat Duck’ menu on request throughout the season.


    Locations of Luxury Catered Ski Chalets

    But where are these luxury catered ski chalets to be found?  The traditionally lavish resorts such as Val d’Isere, Zermatt, St Anton, Courchevel, Verbier and St Moritz all have a huge selection of properties available.  Verbier alone has over 50 luxury catered ski chalets; Richard Branson’s ‘The Lodge’ is a stand out example of the luxurious setting you can enjoy your holiday from, complete with swimming pool, sauna and a hot tub.

    Other lesser known resorts offer luxurious winter breaks, Lech in Austria is slowly getting the luxury ski chalets that the area is crying out for and in North America resorts like Aspen and Deer Valley (where valets will carry your skis to the lift for you) can be fun alternatives to the traditional European resorts.

    When booking a luxury ski holiday it is important to consider every detail and the luxury operators that run catered chalets do exactly this.  From food, to service and everything in between you can sit back and enjoy yourself on the ultimate ski trip.

  • Luxury Ski Chalets

    Luxury chalets

    More and more luxury ski chalets are being built all over the Alps. However, there are certain resorts capturing the exclusive chalet scene by storm.

    Show me all your 350+ luxury ski chalets


    Courchevel Luxury Ski Chalets

    Courchevel is the glamorous heart of Les Trois Vallees. The stylish chic slope-side residential areas have become sought-after places for luxury ski chalets in Courchevel to be built. Apart from the magnificent local slopes, Courchevel has plenty more to offer with an exquisite array of fine dining restaurants, piano & cocktail bars and nightclubs, as well as plenty of swanky shops. It really is a wealthy client’s paradise.


    Zermatt Luxury Ski Chalets

    The spectacular scenery and beautiful luxury ski chalets in Zermatt make this high altitude resort one of the most exclusive places to ski in the whole world. There are all sorts of little shops to browse in the car-free village, fabulous restaurants, historic buildings and an historic museum. There is a wonderful buzz in Zermatt which oozes affluence and alpine perfection.

    Zermatt Peak is Zermatt’s premier luxury chalet occupying a land mark position which boasts the best views across the village and with uninterrupted views of the iconic Matterhorn Mountain.  No expense has been spared in creating Zermatt’s ultimate and most luxurious chalet. Floor to ceiling windows maximise the views over the village and mountains. The chalet offers five bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and dressing areas; a luxury open-plan living and dining area and fabulous wellness facilities which offer the perfect combination of style and relaxation. The crystal and quartz clad walls of the bio steam room really are stunning and the indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis give spectacular views. The entire second floor living and dining area with floor to ceiling windows has magnificent panoramic views over the village and also an unrivalled view of the Matterhorn.


    Val d'Isere Luxury Ski Chalets

    Val d’Isere, deep into the French Alps, has a mixture of modern and traditional architecture and the village of Val d’Isere mixes Savoyarde charm with world-class amenities. This sophisticated resort’s dependable snow record is just one of the reasons why there are plenty of luxury ski chalets in Val d'Isere. This fantastic resort is internationally renowned as having one of the most beautiful ski areas and is also perfect for non skiers. Pedestrians can meet up with the rest of their party and enjoy breathtaking surroundings by taking the short gondola up to one of the many celebrated alpine lunch spots.

    The Chalet L’Hoste is one of the most sought after luxury chalets in Val d’Isere, and we know exactly why! With its impeccable service and prime location, only 100-200 meters from the pistes and town centre, its convenience and class sell it without us even trying to!

    In terms of facilities, this chalet offers the lot! If you are looking for a chalet with a swimming pool or a chalet with spa facilities this is the one for you! Chalet L’Hoste has a beautiful indoor swimming pool with a state of the art projector that drops down at the touch of a button.  Each room has an iPod docking system and Wi-Fi is available throughout. This wonderful property also features a sauna, hammam, gym, indoor Jacuzzi and outdoor hot tub – can a chalet offer more?

    L’Hotse spreads over 500 square metres and sleeps 12 adults and up to 4 children. It’s a chalet that lends itself well to social living with a very large open plan living room / dining room. Furthermore the mezzanine lounge area complete with widescreen TV and games console allows children and adults to have their own separate areas to socialise in. The chalet is beautifully decorated throughout; my particular favourite item is the large cow skin sofa which is the centre piece of the mezzanine lounge area.


    Luxury Ski Chalet Details

    The average floor area of a 12 person luxury chalet is approximately 500 square metres which is equivalent to a quarter of a football pitch! Luxury ski chalet operators seek to go that extra mile in terms of food and service, understanding that every client is individual means their service will be uncompromisingly bespoke. These luxury ski chalets are impressive to look at but an absolute pleasure to stay in. Everything is tailor-made around the client from the moment they book to the moment they leave. Chalets become your own private domain, personalized in such detail that it will be an experience not to be forgotten.

    Needless to say the dining experience is also bespoke in these luxury ski chalets. Professional chefs satisfy everybody’s taste buds and gastronomic magic is created on every plate. Whether you want local specialities; comfort food in front of the television or just a specific favourite cake they can perform to the highest standards.  The quality of cooking really is a passion for the chefs in these chalets.

    The luxury ski chalet industry has boomed in recent years. There are now over 20 different companies all fighting for the top spot.  The chalet holiday used to be just a curious British pastime but staying in luxury chalets has recently become a trendy holiday choice for wealthy people from around the world.

  • Luxury chalets in Courchevel

    Luxury chalets in Courchevel

    Luxury chalets in Courchevel are on the increase! With the luxury ski chalets market across the Alps seemingly growing unabated, the resort on the tip of everyone's tongue has got to be Courchevel. This resort has always had a reputation as the prime location for a luxury ski holiday and this notion is only getting reinforced with some new lavish chalets popping up ready for the winter season.

    With the majority of the skiing being from 1,850m up to 2,705m, you can be confident in getting some incredible snow and fantastic early or late season skiing. The terrain on offer in the vast Trois Vallées is tremendously varied; whether you are a total beginner, looking for some nice ‘cruisey’ blue runs, or an expert after some challenging off-piste, there is plenty on offer and can be easily sought out.

    Show me all your luxury chalets in Courchevel


    The historic development of luxury chalets in Courchevel 1850

    Courchevel 1850 was actually one of the first purpose built resorts in France, with construction starting just after the Second World War. All the other villages began springing out of the ground in following years, namely Courchevel Moriond (1650) and Courchevel Village (1550). Courchevel La Praz (1300), often referred to as ‘Le Vrai’ Courchevel, was already a mountain village before skiing came to the area.

    Although the main resort of Courchevel (1850) has been purpose built, there has been a real push to ensure it does not look this way. The streets are lined with smart shops and some impressive restaurants. There are actually 11 Michelin stars in resort, five restaurants with two stars and one with one star; a record in the Alps and one that is unrivalled. If the après-ski scene is of interest to you, they also have that covered. There is a good mix of venues to attend, ranging from relaxed bars to piano bars with live music. But be warned – the price of drinks can be fairly dear, for example a pint of beer costing 12 € the Tremplin Bar!

    So which are the luxury chalets in Courchevel to keep your eyes peeled for? The first one to mention is the Chalet Muztagh. This property is a metaphor for opulence. Fitted into the 635 square metres of living are all the facilities that you could need or want, including a nine seater cinema room and a spectacular pool and spa area. This chalet is definitely one that is worth a look if the budget will stretch.

    If a slightly more affordable luxury chalet in Courchevel was what you were looking for, the Shemshak Lodge would be the one to go for. This impressive 5 bedroom property is in a true ski-in/ski-out location and not very far from town. This said, with the 4x4 chauffeur service, getting around is the least of your worries. The ground floor of this chalet has some other great facilities that certainly are of interest, such as the sauna, hammam, gym and indoor pool. Needless to say, the food and service is impeccable.

    Value for money is something that can be achieved when searching for luxury chalets in Courchevel, but it would be best to move further down the mountain to Courchevel Moriond (1650) for example. The Chalet Blanchot is a fantastic property and is managed by the excellent Le Portetta Hotel. This ski-in/ski-out chalet, with its paradoxical mix of new and old, is located in the Vanoise National Park, meaning it has fantastic unimpeded views of the local slopes and the Tarentaise Mountains.

    All in all, Courchevel is still the undisputed champion of luxury ski holiday resorts; with the number of luxury chalets we have with swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and ski-in/ski-out access it will be a hard choice!

     There are so many aspects to this ‘super station’ that make it so well rounded, it would be hard to leave here feeling disappointed.

  • Luxury Ski Holidays

    Luxury Ski Holidays

    In recent years, the market for luxury ski holidays has exploded on a global scale; our new Alpine Luxury Chalets website has been created in direct response to the increasing demand for luxury ski chalets and hotels in some of the most exclusive (read: expensive) ski resorts.

    For many years, ski holidays were all about cramming into budget accommodation and spending every second on the mountain, whatever the weather. In recent times, however, the focus of many visitors to winter resorts has shifted towards enjoying the finer things in life, both on and off the slopes. Guests want more from every aspect of their holiday and expectations inflate with prices, be that for old school luxury, swanky modern properties or over-the-top glitz and glamour.

    Operators have in turn responded to this change in priorities, developing luxury ski holidays to the incredible standards seen today. More than 20 operators across the Alps now compete to provide the most spectacular gastronomy and most spacious and

    comfortable accommodation, filled to the brim with state-of-the-art facilities, to satisfy even their most demanding clientele. Luxury ski resorts such as Verbier and Courchevel are now concentrated with eye-wateringly expensive chalets and hotels that provide every service under the sun; despite their hefty price tags these attract wealthy guests from across the world and can get fully-booked before the season even begins. With the numbers of luxury ski chalets increasing, the facilities in these exclusive destinations follow fast. Resorts such as Zermatt and Aspen are packed with designer stores, world-class restaurants and exclusive champagne bars helping the rich (and famous) to part with their hard earned spoils; the actual sport seems to be a relatively insignificant part of a skiing holiday these days.

    Luxury Ski Holidays (Chalets)

    The selection of luxury ski chalets across these resorts is astounding, and the services and facilities they provide are expanding year on year; these luxury operators truly cater to every whim.  From little touches such as Hermes toiletries and complimentary snacks for the slopes to private indoor swimming pools with cinema screens (step forward Chalet Lhotse in Val d’Isere), luxury operators now have to offer more and more to stay in the competition and attract the most discerning customers. Many chalets include catering, often provided by a personal chef, for breakfast, afternoon tea and an evening meal. This is no simple affair in a luxury chalet; champagne and canapés precede delicious dinners of up to seven courses, with premium wines flowing freely and coffee and petit fours to round off the evening.

    Luxury Ski Holidays (Hotels)

    Luxury ski hotels are often able to go a step further with their facilities, with many offering extensive ‘wellness centres’ alongside their luxurious swimming pools, and sometimes a choice of restaurants for their half board guests to dine in. Hotels are a great option for those who want to spend their whole holiday in the smartest local restaurants and bars rather than in their chalet, and is a great choice for couples and small groups who cannot take a whole chalet.

    If you are looking for something that gives the feel of an intimate, cosy chalet but the professional service of a hotel why not look at one of the charming luxury alpine hotels that we feature on this site? Stay in one of these wonderful properties and you will feel very 'looked after' and special. Very often they are owner managed and there is always a special atmosphere when this is the case.

    Luxury Ski Holidays (Self Catering Accommodation)

    If sampling the gastronomic delights of the region in the best restaurants in town is more your thing, luxury self-catering chalets are a good alternative; guests will enjoy the same level of opulence in the chalet but have the flexibility to eat out and cook themselves (or to employ the services of a private chef). The gorgeous Chalet Nyumba in Verbier can be taken as a catered or self-catered property (if money is of little concern), although as this chalet boasts a private cinema, full spa and indoor pool and cosy lounge with large open fire guests may be tempted to stay in to eat rather than sample the delights of Verbier’s top restaurants.


  • Luxury Ski Chalets with Hot Tub

    Luxury ski chalets with hot tub

    More and more of our clients ask us to find luxury ski chalets with hot tub – the ultimate relaxation facility after the ski day. 37% of the chalets that we feature on our main Alpine Answers site have a hot tub but when we last checked we found that in our Alpine Luxury Chalets website over 57% of the properties we feature have a hot tub. The hot tub was a relatively unknown feature for a chalet even 5 years ago. Today they are almost viewed as a 'must have' luxury ski chalet accessory. However, luxury chalets have taken the whole hot tub feature to a new level entirely and now many of them offer full spa facilities with swimming pool, sauna, steam room (hammam) and relax area.


    Check availability and prices for all luxury ski chalets with hot tub


    Some of the luxury ski chalets with hot tubs that we feature have plastic hot tubs but increasingly luxury chalets feature cedar hot tubs for that authentic and luxurious alpine feel. The main advantages of a wooden hot tub over a plastic one are:

    - First and foremost: the beauty of natural wood.  Relax in harmony with nature surrounded by the sweet aroma of the cedar tree.

    - Deep soaking: wooden tubs are designed to be deep - with the water coming right up to your shoulders - giving you complete immersion and a feeling of buoyancy.

    - A hand-made product:  wooden hot tubs are usually made one at a time by skilled craftsmen - not mass produced out of plastic.

    - Rustic and traditional:  guests appreciate the beauty of the wood and the simple tub design. Tubs like this have been used for many hundreds of years - especially in Japan.


    Luxury chalets with hot tub - Chalet Nyumba in Verbier


    Indoor or outdoor? Which to choose for luxury ski chalets with hot tub

    It’s important when choosing from the many luxury ski chalets with hot tubs that you check on the location of the hot tub. Indoor hot tubs are of course weather proof – no matter what is happening outside, the ambient air temperature inside your chalet will be the same. Perhaps some people may prefer that but the disadvantages of an indoor hot tub or Jacuzzi are many.

    1. If indoors you cannot soak after dark and gaze at the stars above you.
    2. If indoors you cannot jump out of the tub, roll in the snow and then jump back in again.
    3. If indoors you cannot soak and admire fantastic mountain views at the same time.
    4. If indoors you are likely to steam up any windows so that you can’t see out.
    5. If indoors you cannot wave in a friendly manner to your neighbours.

    So the first thing to check is that the hot tub is an outdoor one. However, be careful. Most chalets were originally built before hot tubs became the vogue chalet accessory that they are today. This means that in many cases retro fitted hot tubs could only be sited around the back of the chalet, often with no view at all and sometimes positioned in a rather dark and gloomy corner. However, modern build chalets are designed with the outdoor hot tub very much at the forefront of the architect's brief. These often have huge South or West facing sun decks (perfect for catching views of the setting sun) or terraces with the hot tub positioned so that the occupants have both a great mountain view and privacy from the prying eyes of any passers-by.

    If you are looking for luxury ski chalets with a hot tub and want our advice on which are the best please do give our team a call. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements. T: +44 (0)20 7801 1089.

  • Luxury Chalets in St Anton

    Luxury chalets in St Anton

    Luxury chalets in St Anton have always been highly sought after by our clients. We have a huge selection from Chalet apartment Danube (Ski Scott Dunn) which sleeps 6 guests right through to the largest Chalet Maria Schnee which sleeps 15 guests. The growth of luxury chalets in St Anton since 2010 is part of the wider increase in luxury chalets right across the Alps.

    With fantastic resort atmosphere; great selection of mountain restaurants and a huge ski area (known collectively as the Arlberg ski area) St Anton is one of Austria's premier ski resorts. Zurich airport is just two hours away and Innsbruck is (on a good day) less than one hour's drive which makes this fashionable resort easy to get to. The pedestrian only main street is both charming and very lively but all the luxury chalets in St Anton are set away from the noisy main street. Some of the best chalet properties are in an elevated position above the resort in the Gastig area. These all have great views across the valley towards the Rendl Mountain. The other main area for the luxury chalets is in Nasserein which is about 1km east of the main centre of the resort. This is not elevated like Gastig so the views are less spectacular. However, this part of the resort has its own modern gondola station linking directly to the main ski area and it's also possible to ski back to Nasserein at the end of the day. Whether you are situated in Gastig or in Nasserein the companies running the luxury chalets have their own resort minibus services which mean getting about St Anton is not an issue.

    Show me all your luxury chalets in St Anton

    Compared to the chalets in the premier resorts of France and Switzerland the luxury chalets of St Anton offer exceptional value for money. You can stay in 5 and 6 star chalet properties here that cost half the price of an equivalent chalet in Courchevel, Val d'Isere, Verbier or Zermatt. If you consider that the chic resort of Lech is on the same ski pass as St Anton it means that taking a luxury chalet holiday in St Anton (with perhaps a hot tub or steam room) gives you all the benefits of a truly first class ski holiday without a hefty price tag to match.


  • Christmas ski deals

    Christmas ski deals

    Christmas ski deals in chalets are not that difficult to find but choosing the right christmas ski deal is not always that straight forward. The ski chalet market has a fixed amount of stock (or chalet beds) and some years, usually as a result of the days the week that Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on we find that Christmas week is not actually that popular. So for families that like to get away for a snowy festive holiday there can be some great ski deals to be had as chalet companies are forced to lower their prices or offer enticing lift pass deals in order to sell their product. However, when searching for a Christmas ski holiday deal you need to be careful that you are not just attracted by a low price - there are plenty of considerations to take into account, especially when there are children or perhaps an elderly grandparent or two in your party.

    Christmas ski deals - check out the snow reliability of your preferred resort

    Christmas week occurs at the beginning of the ski season so it is important to choose a resort with a good snow record and perhaps more importantly one that gets the snow early in the season. The obvious thing to do is to look for the higher altitude ski resorts of the Western Alps in France and Switzerland.

    Air temperature falls in a direct relationship to air pressure which basically means that the higher one gets the less pressure there is in the air and the colder it becomes. The Lapse Rate is the rate at which the temperature falls with altitude and this is pretty much constant throughout the world at 1 degree celsius fall in temperature for each 150 metres of altitude gained. Ski terrain at 2,500 metres altitude (in France and Switzerland) will be approximately 8 degrees colder than ski terrain in Austria on any given day given the same weather conditions. This obviously makes a big difference and can mean that the skiing in a French resort at the beginning of the season will be above the freezing level and the skiing in an Austrian resort will be below the freezing level.

    The freezing level being the altitude at which 0 degrees celsius lies is very important at the beginning of the season when not so much snow lies on the ground. If you are higher (in altitude) than the freezing level the air will be colder than zero degrees and the snow will not melt. If you are lower it will be warmer than zero degrees, meaning the snow will be melting.

    Christmas ski deals

    There are of course many, many factors influencing snow - when it falls, how much it falls, where it falls and how long the snow stays on the ground after it has fallen. Weather plays a massive part of course, as does slope angle and slope orientation (North facing slopes are protected from the melting power of the sun's rays for example). One should also consider the type of terrain that the snow has to cover before skiing can be made possible. Consider Val d'Isere or Tignes in France. Both are super high altitude resorts where the terrain is largely made up of rock screes. The high altitude makes cold air temperatures and hence greater amounts of snow fall but the nature of the terrain means that at least 60 - 80cm of snow is needed on the ground before the pistes can open. Compare to low lying Austrian ski resorts where the underlying terrain is often summer grazing for the cows - ie grass! In these resorts only 10cm of snow (perhaps one decent snowfall) may be all that is needed to get the resort up and running in December.

    We digress (clearly) with the scientific and geographic techno-babble. The bottom line is that when looking for a Christmas ski deal for your family's festive winter holiday you need to think about resort height. However, also consider that low lying ski resorts need less snow to offer very good skiing conditions. Also consider that some high resorts (notably Chamonix in France) don't often get good early season snowfalls whereas other lower lying resorts (such as those in the Arlberg area of Austria) often get too much early season snow. The best thing to do when considering booking a Christmas ski deal is to talk to us. We will tell you which resorts are good to choose, and which are best avoided.

    Christmas ski holidays - consider the quality of the chalet staff

    Most ski resorts will open two weeks before Christmas and for most ski holiday companies the Christmas week is often the second week of their season and sometimes even their first! This is not so much of a problem when booking with companies that offer a high level of service as their staff are usually exceptionally well trained and experienced even before they start their winter season jobs. However, the middle and lower end of the market will recruit younger, less experienced staff and although they will usually have completed a one or two week training programme most of their learning will be done 'on the job'. This is fine for those guests staying in February, March or April but for guests staying the Christmas week the staff maybe rather 'green' to put it politley. We urge you to seek our advice as to which chalet companies are better than others. We'll tell you which chalet staff are going to be turning out a fabulous, stress free Christmas dinner and which ones are likely to burn the turkey!

    Christmas ski deals - where in the resort am I staying?

    If you have young children or elderly grand parents in your party the practicalities of a Christmas ski holiday very much need to be taken into account. Given that the days are short and temperatures are low in December there is often a permanent layer of snow covering the pavements and roads at this time of year. Suitable footwear and a walking stick (or ski pole) will deal with this when walking on flat terrain but if your chalet is up a steep hill, or worse still up a steep flight of steps, this could be a real problem, especially for the elderly. Dealing with your mother-in-law's broken hip during your family Christmas ski holiday is not the sort of Christmas present one wants! The Google maps we have for all our chalets and hotels show exactly where they are in resort and the distance from the centre or the main lifts. However, a map does not easily show the steepness of the chalet's drive or the hill you have to climb to get back to your chalet or hotel at the end of the day. Again please just simply ask our staff for advice on this.


    If you want to browse through all our luxury chalet Christmas ski deals use this link.


    If you want to browse all our chalets (not just the expensive, luxury ones) then check out our sister website, Alpine Answers. Here are the Christmas ski deals for the whole chalet market.

  • Chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub

    Chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub

    Find me chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub is one of the most popular requests we get. Luckily we have a huge choice of Val d'Isere chalets with hot tubs and Jacuzzis on this site. Hot tubs have become one of the ultimate accessories to any ski holiday and it's hardly surprising why. What could be better than coming home after a long, hard day on the slopes and being able to soak your aching muscles in your own private bubbling bath hot tub?

    To see all the luxury chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub please use this link.

    Val d'Isere is one of the top resorts in the world, with one of the best snow records in Europe. So if you're going to ski in style, you need a Val d'Isere chalet with stylish hot tub to match. We have a huge range of luxury chalets in Val d’Isere with hot tub to choose from and this collection spans all comfort levels and budgets, from basic good value to the height of luxury. However, when deciding which chalet with hot tub to book the choice is not as straight forward as you migh think. Indoor or outdoor; sunken vs free standing; or traditional cedar wood vs contemporary - the decision needs to be made carefully. If you would like our help don't forget that our team of experts are here to find the perfect Val d'Isere chalet with hot tub for your ski holiday.

    However, a word of warning.... Often older chalets have hot tubs that have been added a long time after the chalet has been built which means that the position of the hot tub might well be less than desirable. For example the retro fitted outdoor hot tub is often located around the back of the chalet in a rather dark and gloomy place. With the newer, luxury chalets their hot tubs are at the forefront of the architect's brief so they have been perfectly positioned with the soaker in mind. This is when you find the ideal chalet hot tub - one with privacy yet also one that gives great views of either the mountains or overlooking the resort. If you are struggling to find the ideal chalet in Val d'Isere with a hot tub don't fear - we're here to steer you in the right direction.  

    Chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub - outdoor

    There are many benefits of having an outdoor hot tub in your chalet. The majority of hot tubs located outside the chalet have a position overlooking the beautiful snowy mountains, and provide the perfect way to un-wind. Why not enjoy a glass of champagne at the same time and embrace the fresh mountain air? There are some beautiful sunsets to be seen and evening parties to be had, made that much better when they can be enjoyed from a hot tub. If there is fresh snow on the ground it's always great fun to roll in the snow before jumping back into the hot bubbles. The freezing cold snow on your skin immediately followed by the warmth of the hot tub water is quite something to experience. However, this is not to be recommended if you have a weak heart.

    Chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub - indoor

    If you would like a more intimate setting to your hot tub, there are many chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tubs inside. Whatever the weather outside, you can rest assured that you have the warm, cosy environment inside to relax in your hot tub. Inside hot tubs provide a more private and intimate setting for a romantic moment.

    Chalets in Val d'Isere with hot tub - near the centre of resort

    Don't feel like you have to compromise on other factors of your chalet holiday by wanting a hot tub. You can have it all – we have a great search engine tool called 'Further Options' where you can combine exactly the right chalet options you want. Have a look at our range of chalets in Val d’Isere with hot tub with the additional option of being close to the centre of resort. Val d'Isere is one, long high street with residential areas off this so party lovers and shoppers will want to make sure that their Val d’Isere chalet with hot tub is not far from the centre of the resort. We suggest selecting 'Near resort centre'; when using our chalet search engine.

  • Ski in ski out chalets in Alpe d'Huez

    ski in ski out chalets in Alpe d'Huez

    Ski in ski out chalets in Alpe d’Huez are always desirable. You can be first on the slopes in the morning if you are a keen skier, or if you have children to take to ski school it can be a quick ski downhill rather than a bus or walk in ski boots. When you have small children in your party this kind of convenience should not be under rated!

    Alpe d’Huez is a purpose built resort in the French Alps (built for the 1968 Winter Olympics) that is popular with the British market. Because it is purpose built this means that most of the accommodation is conveniently located close to the lifts and it is rare to find it necessary to make a long walk or bus ride to access the lifts as you can get in more traditional resorts. However, nothing can beat the true convenience of ski in ski out chalets in Alpe d’Huez and there are two main residential areas of the resort that can provide that.

    Click here to view all our ski in ski out chalets in Alpe d'Huez

    Alpe d’Huez is actually built on a high plateau so that all the surrounding slopes and lifts funnel down to the resort itself. This means that the top of the resort, Cognet, is a great place for ski in ski out chalets as you can ski right off the home runs into your chalet. This area is fantastically located for the main lifts up onto the mountain, the ski school meeting point and the nursery slopes; everything is right on the doorstep! Chalet Maison is a great option for a ski in ski out chalet in Alpe d’Huez and being with a great high-end holiday company this is a great choice for a luxury holiday in Alpe d’Huez.

    The other ski in ski out location in Alpe d’Huez is the Les Bergers area. This is slightly out of town, with a 10-15 minute walk to all the amenities of town. We would recommend this area more for the super keen skier who wants to be first on the lift and last off the mountain rather than for families looking for ski school convenience. We have one chalet and one chalet hotel in this area. Please call for details of these properties as they are featured on our sister website, Alpine Answers.

    Ski in ski out chalets in Alpe d'Huez - skiing into the Cognet area of the resort