When is a Luxury Chalet Really a Luxury Chalet?

The word luxury is often tossed around our industry like confetti at a wedding.  One of the main reasons for this is that there is no official star rating within the chalet market, which simply means  each chalet owner and operator decide themselves what star level a particular chalet is attributed. The outcome of which is very unsatisfactory as a 4 star rating for one type of operator is often so different to another.  This results in many clients believing they are getting “Luxury”, “Platinum” or “Diamond” accommodation and service when the reality is not the case. We believe that our experience within the chalet market puts us in a privileged position to help you manage your expectations correctly. The last thing we want is for our clients, to turn up at a chalet expecting a luxury product and service and not getting it.

Our portfolio is made up of many different operators who we know well. We know their chalets intimately, the service they provide, the quirky little things they may or may not mention but above all we are impartial and give you our own slant on every chalet. The end result is you will not arrive at your chalet and get a nasty surprise. On the contrary we are 100% confident you will get exactly what you wanted.



I am sure you, like I, get hit all the time with headlines “BOOK NOW AND SAVE!” Well in most cases I would probably hit delete straightaway. There is however, a strong case for not ignoring a prompt to book early when it comes to LUXURY CATERED CHALETS and PEAK DATES. I should know as I have been running Alpine Answers for twenty two years now. Every season we see a similar pattern, whereby clients come to us in September/October and ask for a smart chalet at New Year, Half Term or the peak Easter week in one of the more popular resorts only to be told “I am sorry there are no chalets available of that size, standard, location and so on”. It really makes no sense to wait if you have a group and are ready to put down a deposit , in fact there is no better time than now to start your research.


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