Luxury Chalets with Gourmet Food

We look at those luxury chalets with gourmet food and drink as it's not always easy to tell from the brochures and web pages which are the ones to go for if you are a true gourmand or 'foodie'. It’s pretty easy to see the quality of your catered chalet from the photos and the details we have on display. You can see the quality of the furnishings and it’s more than likely you can see the size, its position in resort, bedroom descriptions, and whether or not it has a hot tub, sauna or steam room etc.

However, how can you tell what the quality of chalet food and drink will be like? So you don’t have to guess we have selected those chalets that we feel will be serving chalet fare of the highest order this season - ski chalets serving delicious food and drink. If you are a real 'bon viveur' and value delicious, professionally prepared chalet cuisine then please rely on our experience and expertise to find you the ideal chalet.

Nearly all the luxury chalets that we offer in this collection have a proper trained and experienced chef in the kitchen. These highly skilled members of staff are not usually selected for their front of house repartee and charm but that doesn't matter as your charming hostess or chalet manager will be the person you deal with on a day to day basis. The chalet chef's sole role is to produce delicious chalet food.  

So, in much the same manner as in a Michelin starred restaurant, the histrionics and bad language that goes on in the kitchen are neither seen, nor heard. As many of the chalet chefs for the properties shown on this site are indeed from Michelin starred establishments it's just as well that they remain tucked away in their kitchens.


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