Luxury Ski Chalets with Hot Tub

More and more of our clients ask us to find luxury ski chalets with hot tub – the ultimate relaxation facility after the ski day. 37% of the chalets that we feature on our main Alpine Answers site have a hot tub but when we last checked we found that in our Alpine Luxury Chalets website over 57% of the properties we feature have a hot tub.

The hot tub was a relatively unknown feature for a chalet even 5 years ago. Today they are almost viewed as a 'must have' luxury ski chalet accessory. However, luxury chalets have taken the whole hot tub feature to a new level entirely and now many of them offer full spa facilities with swimming pool, sauna, steam room (hammam) and relax area.


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Some of the luxury ski chalets with hot tub that we feature have plastic hot tubs but increasingly chalet properties feature cedar hot tubs for that authentic and luxurious alpine feel. The main advantages of a wooden hot tub over a plastic one are:

- The beauty of natural wood:  relax in harmony with nature surrounded by the sweet aroma of the cedar tree.

- Deep soaking: wooden tubs are designed to be deep with the water coming right up to your shoulders, giving you complete immersion and a feeling of buoyancy.

- A hand-made product:  wooden hot tubs are usually made one at a time by skilled craftsmen, not mass produced out of plastic.

- Rustic and traditional:  guests appreciate the beauty of the wood and the simple tub design. Tubs like this have been used for many hundreds of years.


Indoor or outdoor hot tub? Which to choose for your ideal luxury ski chalet


It’s important when choosing from the many luxury ski chalets with hot tub that you check on the location of the tub. Indoor hot tubs are of course weather proof – no matter what is happening outside, the ambient air temperature inside your chalet will be the same. Perhaps some people may prefer that but the disadvantages of an indoor hot tub or Jacuzzi are many.

  1. If indoors you cannot soak after dark and gaze at the stars above you.
  2. If indoors you cannot jump out of the tub, roll in the snow and then jump back in again.
  3. If indoors you cannot soak and admire fantastic mountain views at the same time.
  4. If indoors you are likely to steam up any windows so that you can’t see out.
  5. If indoors you cannot wave in a friendly manner to your neighbours.


So the first thing to check is that the hot tub is an outdoor one. However, be careful. Most chalets were originally built before hot tubs became the vogue chalet accessory that they are today. This means that in many cases retro fitted hot tubs could only be sited around the back of the chalet, often with no view at all and sometimes positioned in a rather dark and gloomy corner. However, modern build chalets are designed with the outdoor hot tub very much at the forefront of the architect's brief. These often have huge South or West facing sun decks (perfect for catching views of the setting sun) or terraces with the hot tub positioned so that the occupants have both a great mountain view and privacy from the prying eyes of any passers-by.