The Best Ski Schools in the Alps

There is a tendancy for skiers and boarders to shy away from taking lessons. As soon as they are good enough to adequately slide around the mountain they consider the need for ski or snowboard school to be over. However, this is a big, big mistake. Taking regular lessons is not only great fun but it will take your skiing or boarding on to new higher levels. You will be able to ski or board faster, safer and with much more control. The "more control" bit sounds a bit boring but basically it will allow you to start enjoying the mountains more than you realised was possible. With improved technique you will spend less time worrying about how steep a slope is and more time actually enjoying it.

Ski and snowboard lessons these days are far removed from the old and boring "follow me" approach of teaching. The use of high definition cameras has helped as too has the more modern approach to teaching that the best ski schools of today adopt. The fun element is back big time! 

Modern skis are simply easier to use than they have ever been. This is particularly the case with the modern, wider off-piste ski which allows even relatively timid intermediates the chance to experience the 'back country'. However, these new off piste weapons need to be used responsibly, so it is our recommendation that you hire an instructor or a mountain guide to take you off-piste. Open up a whole new world of skiing and get to experience what skiing is all about.

The 'Concierge Service' that we offer our clients includes our advice and help on which ski school you should book with. Once we have established which is the correct school for you we then arrange for them to contact you so that they can run through the final details with you before taking your booking. Over the years we have worked this out as the easiest way for you to get the right instructors booked for your holiday.