Luxury Verbier Chalets

The luxury Verbier chalets are amongst the most luxurious chalets in the world. Verbier has always been one of those fashionable ski resorts where the rich and famous from around the globe gather to admire the scenery, ski, eat well and above all ... party. Fantastic restaurants, a huge ski area which offers plenty for every standard of skier, and nightclubs such as The Farm have ensured that Verbier has a strong following amongst those that like 'to see' and 'be seen' in style.  This picturesque resort in the Valais Canton of Switzerland has always had a fantastic array of luxury Verbier chalets but the last two decades has seen a huge rise in the number of superbly luxurious chalet properties being built.

The main source of property investor appears to be wealthy bankers from around the world. However, it's fair to say that the new breed of luxury Verbier chalets owner in this sparkling resort come from all walks of life. Richard Branson built The Lodge (sleeps 18 - 24) and that set the tone. Chalet No.14, another all British affair, oozes class and modern style (rather in the mode of the Candy Brothers) and Chalet L Raphael appeals more to the Eastern European market with its private nightclub and onyx clad swimming pool. However, the Trois Couronnes raises the bar yet further and simply must be one of the finest chalets in the entire Alps.

Alpine Luxury Chalets has collected together a fantastic collection of the best luxury Verbier chalets in this website. So please take the time to browse through the many mouth watering properties that we feature here. Alternatively simply drop us an email or telephone with your requirements. We would be delighted to put together a special selection of the finest luxury Verbier chalets just for you.

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