Luxury Chalets in Val d'Isere

The development of luxury chalets in Val d'Isere goes hand in hand with the British love affair with this fantastic Espace Killy. This websites showcases approximately 65 luxury Val d'Isere chalets but we have another 100+ more cheaply priced chalets in Val d'Isere to choose from on our Alpine Answers' website.

Ever since Val d'Isere started to grow as an international resort in the 1970's the chalet builders, developers and owners have been busy in this fantastic resort. Over the last 10 years or so all of the key resorts of Europe (Val d'Isere, Courchevel, Meribel, Verbier and Zermatt) have all seen a huge expansion in the development of luxury chalets. Ten years ago hot tubs began to appear on the chalet builders' shopping list. However, more recently the idea of 'luxury' has taken on a whole new meaning. Today luxury chalets in Val d'Isere feature swimming pools (indoor and outdoor); complete wellness spas with hammam, sauna and massage suites; huge entertaining spaces and the liberal use of the finest fabrics and materials from around the World.


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There are several geographical pockets that are now being populated with luxury chalets in Val d'Isere. Down in La Daille at the entrance to the resort there are several luxury chalets some of which are also ski-in ski-out (Toit du Monde, Himalaya and Angelique). The Les Carats area that is either approached by road from behind the Barmes de L'Ours Hotel or from the Face piste on skis has arguably the best views in the resort - overlooking the old centre of Val d'Isere and stretching South towards Le Fornet (Eagle's Nest, Montana and Nepenthe). Passing through the road tunnel and on up to the Legettaz area you will find the biggest concentration of properties. Luxury ski in ski out chalets in Val d'Isere are always the most popular. Luxury ski holiday brands such as Scott Dunn, Chardon Lodges, Consensio and YSE all have great luxury properties to choose from.

With building space becoming limited a few luxury chalets have been built on, or very near, to the high street of Val d'Isere. These super luxury chalets replace former old buildings that have been knocked down to make way for the new. These luxury chalets in Val d'Isere are perfect for those that are going to make the most of the vibrant apres ski scene and nightlife as they are centrally located and no more than a few minutes' walk from most of the hot spots of town (Marco Polo, L'Hotse, Black Pearl and White Pearl)

Here is a comment from one of our clients who booked into the Chalet des Pentes in Val d'Isere

"The food in the chalet was outstanding and the chalet girl was delightful. My sales person at Alpine Luxury Chalets was Anna Sampson. Although I had picked out a chalet from your website, Anna persuaded me to consider other options and specifically recommended this one - for which I am extremely grateful!"

It's always gratifying when we get reports back from our clients like this. We hope to be able to help you in the same manner!